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As a beginner, you can use your household iron, but you might struggle to get the correct temperature and pressure for an even application. 


Poli-Flex = Smooth (Local HT instructions)


Type of material: Polyurethane film, 100 micron thick

 Cutting specifications: Use a sharp 45° blade, cut at a slow speed (10-30 mm/s)

 Cutting direction: Mirror Image

 Compatible textiles:

 ·         Polyester / Cotton,

 ·         Polyester / Acrylic

 ·         (test media on inside of garment before commencing application)


Transfer specifications: Temp 155 – 165 °C, Pressure: medium (3,5 bar), Time 17 – 20 sec

 Transfer method: Weed all excess material, place graphic up side down on garment – image reads correctly. Transfer film: Backing material.

 After transfer: Remove backing material while HOT.

 Washing instructions: Wash garment inside out. Max washing temp 60°C. Can be dry-cleaned.


Step-by-step instructions

 1.       Weed excess material from graphic.

 2.       Place garment on heat press.

 3.       Ensure settings are correct.

 4.       Press garment for 4-5 seconds (to flatten work surface).

 5.       Place graphic on garment (graphic reads correct).

 6.       Close heat press for set time (17 – 20 sec).

 7.       Remove backing material.

 8.       Press garment for 5 seconds (to seal edges).

 9.       Remove garment and inspect.


Poli-Flock = Flock (Local HT instructions)

 Type of material: Polyurethane film with rayon fibers, 100 micron thick

 Rest as above


Expect different results using a household iron vs using a heat press.

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