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If you have misplaced your CD that came with your KNP package, find the info below:

  • Inkscape (this is an open-source free software - find and install the latest version from the Internet. It is great to design with, but may give errors when 'printing'). Consider using MTC, MS Word, or any other design program.
  • Klic-N-Print drivers (download and install the latest driver from this link)
  • The technical user manual 

 1. Driver - When you click on PRINT (from MTC, Word, Excel, Paint, or any program), your ribbon printer should be setup as a printer in your list of printers.  If not, install the ribbon printer driver as above.

2. User manual -  Read the user manual, or email me for the additional tips:

  • The foil must be installed correctly so that it flows from bottom to top. Tighten the foil using the rollers at the top (once the inner Printing Mechanism is locked down).
  • Ensure the foil is positioned the correct way around (only one side of the foil has the wax/resin coating, and that must meet with your ribbon).
  • Ensure the ribbon travels through the guide and over the sensor. If the ribbon is too narrow or transparent, the sensor will not detect it. Use a ribbon spacer when using multiple ribbons, or to ensure narrow ribbon passes over the sensor.
  • For each job (even repeat jobs), ensure you select the correct ribbon / vinyl size in the Print Setup menu.
  • See Fig 1 below (use the Zoom option in the bottom right corner to expand). In this example, MTC software was used. The same procedure and settings are used when using other software eg Inkscape, Word, etc.

 a.       File/Print Setup menu – Printer Name – select KNP as this driver was installed when you connected your KNP to your computer.

 b.      Paper size = USER, Source = Continuous roll, Landscape. Click Properties.

 c.       Page Setup tab: Select and Edit your own Stock Name. Select Landscape. This is typically the size of the mat/ribbon/vinyl you will feed through your KNP. I set my ‘MTC test’ mat size to match my 1 inch wide ribbon: (25.4mm x 100mm), so as not to waste ribbon for testing. Drag the test message and align it inside your ‘mat’.


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