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All Silhouette YouTube Videos


Machine setup

Blades Videos:

Silhouette Blades

Regular blade

Premium blade

Fabric blade

Deep-cut blade


How to use Foil Transfer Sheets

How to load your cutting mat

How to make Temporary Tattoos

How to use Transfer Tape with Vinyl

How to use Silhouette Window Cling Material


How to use Embossable Foil

How to use Printable Heat Transfer for Light Fabrics

How to use Printable Vinyl

How to use Printable Heat Transfer for Dark Fabrics


How to use Heat Transfer Material

Setting up Weed Lines using Silhouette Studio® (Business Edition feature)

How to use Metallic Temporary Tattoo Paper

How to use Stencil Vinyl and Fabric Ink


How to use Silhouette Shrink Plastic

How to use the Silhouette Took Kit

How to use the Silhouette Hook Tool

How to use the Silhouette Spatula Tool

How to use the Silhouette Scraper Tool

How to use the Silhouette Pick-Me-Up®

How to use the Silhouette Pen Holder

How to use Glass Etching Cream with your Silhouette

Using Your Crosscutter (for use with Cameo 2 and Cameo 3)

Performing a test cut


how to use Bluetooth® with Portrait 2 and Cameo 3

Using Bluetooth® with your Silhouette Portrait® 2

Using Bluetooth® with your Silhouette CAMEO® 3


Curio videos:

Metal Etching with your Silhouette Curio™

How to use Score & Emboss paper with your Curio

Ink Stippling with the Silhouette Curio™

Stippling and Etching on Metal Sheets

The Silhouette Curio™: 5-in-1 cutting machine

How to Use Stipple Trace (Cameo 3 or Curio)

How to Use the Emboss Panel (Curio)

Print & Emboss (Curio)

Score & Emboss (Curio)



Mint Videos:

Mint Studio™ Overview

Create Designs in Mint Studio™ and Send to your Mint stamp maker

Shapes & Frames in Mint Studio™

Text Tools in Mint Studio™

Mint Studio™ Drawing Tools

Importing Designs in Mint Studio™

Mint Studio™ Library and Design Store

Using Filters in Mint Studio™

Crop Tools in Mint Studio™

How to Turn Photos into Stamps in Mint Studio™

How to Use Manipulation Tools in Mint Studio™

Mint Studio™ Align Tools

Mint Studio™ Grouping, Ungrouping, and Compound Paths

Point Editing in Mint Studio™


Silhouette Software

How to Print & Cut with your Silhouette

The Silhouette Roll Feeder

Pop-Up Creator feature in Silhouette Studio®

Grid Panel in Silhouette Studio®

Line Style Panel in Silhouette Studio®

Page Setup Panel in Silhouette Studio®

Point Editing in Silhouette Studio®

Create Designs and Send to Silhouette

Offset Tool in Silhouette Studio®

How to Group in Silhouette Studio®

Using the Polygon Tool in Silhouette Studio®

Silhouette Connect™ Plugin

How To Update Firmware

Silhouette Software Update Process

How to Apply Software License Keys and Redeem Download Card Credit

Visual Differences and Button Locations in Silhouette Studio® V3 vs V4

How to Draw Freehand in Silhouette Studio®

Object on Path

Silhouette Cloud Storage

Image Effects in Silhouette Studio®

Print & Cut

Importing PNG, JPG, BMP images into Silhouette Studio®

Tracing in Silhouette Studio®

Font Access through Silhouette Studio®

Cut by Line Color or Fill Color in Silhouette Studio®


Modify Panel

Manipulation Tools

Basic Design and Text Tools in Silhouette Studio®

How Silhouette Design Store Credits Work

Pattern Fill Panel in Silhouette Studio®

How to Curve Text in Silhouette Studio®

Select By Color in Silhouette Studio®

Fill Gradients in Silhouette Studio®


New Project Wizard in Silhouette Studio®

Panels in Silhouette Studio®

Shortcuts in Silhouette Studio®

Unlocking Curio Features in Silhouette Studio®

How to Add New Materials in Silhouette Studio®

Adding Your Own Patterns to Your Library

Print & Cut Troubleshooting

Using Text in Silhouette Studio®

How to Use the Stipple Feature in Silhouette Studio® (Cameo 3 or Curio users feature)

Silhouette Connect™ Plugin


SS Designer Edition videos:

Importing Embroidery File Types (Designer Edition Plus Feature)

Import SVG and PDF files (Designer Edition Feature)

Nesting (Designer Edition feature)

Shear (Designer Edition feature)

Eyedropper Tool (Designer Edition feature)

Knife Tools (Designer Edition feature)

Shadow Feature (Designer Edition feature)

Sketch Effects (Designer Edition feature)

Trace by Color (Designer Edition feature)

Basic Warp Tool in Silhouette Studio®

Pop-Up Creator Advanced Features

Cut by layer (Designer Edition feature)

Rhinestone Conversion (Designer Edition feature)

Rulers & Guides (Designer Edition feature)

Center of Rotation (Designer Edition feature)


SS Designer Edition Plus videos:

Advanced Warp Feature


SS Business Edition:

Import AI/CDR/EPS files (Business Edition)

Multi-cutter Support (Business Edition Feature)

Matrix Copy Feature (Business Edition feature)

Design View vs. Media Layout View (Business Edition feature)

Automatic Weed Lines (Business Edition feature)

Automated Nesting (Business Edition feature)

Tiling (Business Edition feature)


Printable Heat Transfer/Vinyl:

 Use CTM-52

Use CTM-63

Use CTM-70



Use Waterslide

Use Forever Flex Gold/Silver/White/Laser Dark A-foil

Use Printable HT for light fabrics (JetTransH)

Use Printable HT for dark fabrics (JetOpaque)

Use Printable HT for dark fabrics (LaserDark)



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