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Tips for cutting fondant

Most machine manufacturers are reluctant to advertise that their machines can cut foodstuffs (probably due to FDA regulations).

Many crafters are successfully using their cutters to cut fondant, etc

Take appropriate precautions.

There are many articles about:

Do a Google search, and enjoy ...


Cricut - The Cricut cake blade will only fit into a Cricut cake blade holder. If you don't have a cake bladeholder, consider using an old/blunt blade in your normal or deep-cut bladeholder.

Cameo2 - The Zing bladeholder will fit snugly into the Cameo2 clamp. And it will allow more clearance to cut thicker material. And the blade can cut up to 2mm thickness (vs only 0.8mm for the Cameo system).

Cameo3 - The Silhouette Deep cut blade is compatible with the Curio and Cameo3.

Cameo4 - There are a variety of new blades that can cutter deeper. The Cameo4 also has a higher clearance to cut thicker materials (fondant thickness).