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Info - Using other folders in my embossing machine

How to use other folders in your embossing machine

Sometimes we are asked how to use other dies/folders in your cutting/embossing machine.

We cannot tell you what to use (as we don't want to be responsible for invalidating your machine's warranty, and sometimes because we just don't know the answer).

However, we can tell you that you need to make the appropriate 'sandwich' thickness for your machine to cut/emboss properly.

So, if you know the thickness of the spacer that you need, we can have it made to your size requirements (using perspex or similar).

Sometimes, the info is already freely available on the internet, and we have copied the info below for your convenience.


These articles were found using links:


Using Cuttlebug folders in other machines


To cut Spellbinders folders using the Cuttlebug machine:

A plate, B plate, Die cut edge up, paper, C plate





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