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Info - KNK & MTC Setup

MTC, KNK Zing and Maxx Air Info

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4Ways to Retrieve Your MTC and PCS RegistrationsDO IT TODAY! You never know what tomorrow might bring! Updated August 6, 2020The following 4optionswillallow you to retrieve your permanent registration numbers for MTC and/or PCS and then save themin a safe place. Print them, save them to a flash drive, back them up onto a cloud storage. It’s YOUR responsibility to protect your registrations. Do NOT assume you’ll always be able to utilize these options. Be smart, and do it today!______________________________________(A)Find the original emailthat MTC sent to youafter you registered.Note that anoriginal activation pin that you were issuedafter purchasing the softwareis not the registration number and cannotbe used to retrieve the registration number. This is the fastest and easiest way to get your number(s). To verify you have the correct numbers, note that an MTC registration begins with the letters “MTC” and a PCS registration begins with the letters “PCS.”______________________________________(B)Download, unzip, and run this quickWindows-only appthat will find your MTC and PCS registrations, assuming your computer currently has the program(s) installed and registered.This method will work on a PC /Windowsinstallation. Thesoftware must be currently registered on the computer.Download the fileat the following link:http://www.iloveknk.com/Support/Software/Make-The-Cut/MTC-PCS-Reg-Key-Extractor/After extracting the BATfile, double click on it, as if it were an EXE file. Youwill most likely get a warning from Windows. You will need to allow the program to be run by clicking on More Infoand then clicking on Run Anyway(or other similar option).The app will locate your registration numbers in the Windows registry and paste them into a text file that will automatically pop open.You can then save that file, back it up, print it out, etc. for safe keeping.Important:Some anti-virus programs may reject this application. You have two options: (1) locate and temporarily change a setting in your anti-virus program to allow you to override a blocked program or (2) use Option C below instead of this one.______________________________________(C)Deactivate,paste from clipboard, reactivate.This method will work on a PC or a Mac installation.Your softwaremust be currently registered on the computer.


The following videos present this method for MTC and for PCS:MTC: https://vimeo.com/295488163PCS:https://vimeo.com/295488184IMPORTANT:Immediatelyafter deactivating, paste the number into a text file, such as Word, Notepad, a new email, etc. ______________________________________(D)IF you bought MTC or your cutter from KNK USA, there’s a chance they might have a copy of your registration email. Some, but not all, were forwarded to KNK USA based on the original pins numbers that wereregistered. If you are confident that this applies to you, please send an email to smccauley45@cox.netproviding the full name that would have been used for registering and the email address. I will then contact KNK USA on your behalf. ______________________________________If you know of other MTC/PCS users who may not find this document, please share and urge them to back up their registrations TODAY! Also...If you have any questions or issues, please submit them to smccauley45@cox.net. My thanks to Paul Zingah (Crazy_Mr_Zing at the MTC Forum) for providing the solutions in Options B and C. These were key in motivating me to write up these instructions and get them out to the MTC world. Thanks also to Liz Ackerman for reading andtesting


Make The Cut recently went offline. This has caused numerous issues with registration and access to the now defunct online file gallery. Shortly after MTC went down, the developers of Sure Cuts A Lot began working on an import filter. This is an excellent option for those who have switched to SCAL, and for anyone who needs to make the switch.

If you own both MTC and SCAL, click here for a video tutorial on how to import MTC files into SCAL.

Upgrade to Sure Cuts A Lot today!

Sure Cuts A Lot is a design application focused on providing premium features. If you're looking to upgrade your software, Sure Cuts A Lot 5 and Sure Cuts A Lot 5 Pro (often referred to as SCAL) offer an impressive digital toolbox for vector design. SCAL offers plotter drivers for all KNK models and Skycut plotters


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All info below is old info for your reference only.

 Tips for you:

All our machines are sold with a copy of software - you do not need to make any further payments.
Follow the instructions carefully for successful installation


 Make The Cut!

Make-The-Cut Activation and Download

Registering Make-The-Cut!

Use your Activation Pin number to register the software, first.

Register MTC

 Downloading and installing Make-The-Cut!

This is the full version of the software.  After you install Make The Cut! you will be prompted to enter a registration code.

Download MTC with Klic-N-Kut

Lost Registration for Make-The-Cut!

If you have lost your registration PIN for MTC, please use the button below. You MUST use, (and have access to) the email address used when you registered.

Recover MTC registration PIN

For KNK Maxx Air and Eagle:
Download and install the plugin at this link
Test the link between your computer and your cutter:
Ensure the Baud Rate is the same on cutter and in software (Bluetooth 38 400, otherwise 57 600)
Restart your computer
Did the driver install correctly without error?
Is the USB cable faulty? Try another
Read the manual

View the Maxx Air electronic user manual at this link

Mac problems - see this link

For KNK Zing:

Follow the instructions included with your package, and in the user manual.

If the levers are getting hard to manipulate, please view this video.
View the electronic user manual at this link to see what your KNK can do:
If you are getting Connection Errors, check the following:
1.  Did you follow the installation instructions in the user manual?
2.  Did you observe driver installation errors while installing?
3.  Try use a similar USB cable to determine if its faulty.
5.  In MTC, do you see the Zing option when in the top menu: Cut Project With...?
6.  The Zing plugin can be found at this link.
7.  In the Plug-in window > Not Connected > Connection: See if there is an option for a COM port (USB to Serial) and select it.  Sometimes, MTC sees more than one USB to Serial connection and picks the wrong one. It doesnt happen often, but it can happen.
8.  Restart your computer.
If the above did not help, please email me a short description of the problem and tell me what operating system you are using:
You will find many other useful tips at this link.



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