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KNK Zing - Demo

The powerful 14" Zing

Demo with 12 month guarantee
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When comparing the price of the KNK Zing to cartridge based machines, you will find that the cartridges and machine will quickly add up to more than this heavy-duty cutting system.

This software driven machine allows for design flexibility, image sizing, scanning and altering existing files.

Design Freely with the KNK Zing!



  • KNK Zing is your open source creation solution! No need to waste money on cartridges. 
  • Extremely Compact: At 4.75″ tall, 6.25″ deep and less than two feet wide, the KNK Zing offers a cutting width of 14″ in the least amount of space.
  • High Force With 750 grams of force, the KNK Zing can cut a larger range of materials – vinyl, cardstock, fabric, thin chipboard, rhinestone rubber, craft plastic and much more!
  • Print and Cut With built-in Laser alignment, the KNK Zing performs quick and precise print-and-cuts.
  • Bundled with Make The Cut software, featuring a simplified interface, the KNK Zing is the easiest computer-connected cutter to learn and use. With over 30 years of experience, Accugraphics used their knowledge to develop a new product that incorporates the newest electronics with quieter motors, faster speeds, higher force and the widest cutting area of any cutter in its class.
  • You will find over 95% of the Zing’s mechanics are made from high-quality metal," thus built for the long haul. The KNK Zing is a more affordable cutting system without compromising quality or features.
  • Now with ZingSpeak: All adjustable settings + Move control can be controlled by voice.
  • Now with 3 wheels, allowing users to cut 12″ and 4″ vinyl without the need for a cutting mat.


Machine specs:

  • Max cutting width: 14″
  • Max cutting length: Unlimited
  • Max width of accepted material: 18″
  • Max Cutting Force: 750 Grams
  • Number of force settings: 160
  • Max Speed: 700mm per second
  • Number of speed settings: 20
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Print and Cut alignment type: LED laser
  • Number of pinch feed wheels: 3
  • Bladeholder seat (Jaw): Fully adjustable up to 7/8″
  • Machine dimensions (width x height x depth): 23.5″ x 4.75″ x 6.25″
  • Machine weight: 21.1 lbs


Contents of box:
1 Zing cutting machine
1 Blade holder
1 12″x12″ Sticky mat
1 Standard Blade
1 Thick Material Blade
1 USB Cable
1 Power supply and cord
1 Pen insert holder with 2x pen inserts
MTC software activation code



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