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24″ Max Cutting Width
~1000 Grams of Cutting Force
USB and Wifi Connectivity
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Sales price without tax R22,608.70

The KNK Zing Orbit has ~1000 grams of cutting force to cut a variety of materials easily including vinyl, cardstock, Heat Transfer Vinyl, fabric, Mylar, craft plastic, chipboard, and more!

Not only can the Zing Orbit cut, but it can also emboss with the embossing tool (sold seperately).

Unlike previous Zing models, the ZIng Orbit uses RTS/CTS flow control signals. This means that instead of relying on software to send packets (or chunks) of data at a time, the Zing Orbit asserts when it is ready to receive more data. This creates a faster / more consistent form of communication. As a result, the Zing Orbit can also perform extremely complex jobs without experiencing buffer overruns.

The KNK Zing Orbit is equipped with an Automatic Registration Tracking system (aka ART). This allows for faster and more accurate automatic print and cut applications!

Ensuring a high degree of accuracy, the ART system is powered by the machine’s optic eye and scans a total of four registration marks.

The optic eye is a fantastic feature that we love in other machines — it’s especially great for those of us who indulge in the odd bit of contour cutting every now and again.

Not only do you need to choose the best pressure, speed and depth settings for your blade, but it also means that you have full control over the pinch feed assembly.

The pinch wheels can be individually arranged in more convenient locations to cut materials ranging from 3” to 24” wide. There's also a single pinch feed lever which raises and lowers all 4 wheels.


Click here to watch the KNK performing a print and cut.

Click here to watch the speed at which the KNK can cut.


  • 24″ Max Cutting Width ~60cm
  • ~1000 Grams of Cutting Force
  • USB and Wifi Connectivity
  •  Sure Cuts A Lot (optional)
  •  Automatic Registration Tracking (ART)
  • Adjustable Pinch Feed Wheels


In the box:

  • KNK Zing Orbit
  • 24 Zing Orbit Tables (front & back)
  • Blue Bladeholder
  • 1 standard material (red cap) blade
  • 1 thick material (blue cap) blade
  • Test pen
  • USB cable
  • 15″ x 15″ blue grid Cut Mat
  • Power adapter & cable

** Please note: Software sold separately. Fully compatible with Sure Cuts A Lot 4 **



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