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Transfer Tape - 30cm x 1m

Silhouette product

With blue gridlines & lining, sold per meter, 30cm wide
Sales price R40.00
Sales price without tax R34.78

Silhouette Transfer Tape, 12"

Sold per meter, cut from a bulk roll.

Wholesale discounts automatically applied in cart for 10m and 22m rolls.



  • This transfer tape has a blue gridline. It is different to the (old) transfer tape with red gridline (no longer available).
  • Some customers have complained that this new transfer paper (with blue gridline) is not sticky enough. As an alternative, consider using many other similar products recommended below.
  • We still process many repeat orders for this product, so we will continue to stock it.


Use Transfer Tape to move cut-out images from the original material backing onto an intended project surface (such as a wall, window, or other smooth surface).

Transfer tape does not need to be cut. It is a companion product for use with all vinyl types.

  • Surface Color: Transparent with printed grid



When using vinyl and looking to transfer cut-out designs onto a wall or other smooth surface, transfer paper is strongly recommended. Transfer paper is used to transfer vinyl images from the vinyl's backing onto the desired wall or other surface without having to manually remove each cut-out vinyl piece by hand and try to align them perfectly.

How To

Once you have vinyl and transfer paper, you may proceed with the following steps:

  1. Cut the vinyl design with the Silhouette
  2. Weed (or peel) away excess vinyl that is not part of the design
  3. Place the transfer paper over the vinyl image
  4. Rub firmly over the top of the transfer paper
  5. Carefully remove the backing from the vinyl, exposing the vinyl's adhesive while leaving the transfer paper in place
  6. Place the design onto the desired surface
  7. Press down firmly with a flat-edged tool (such as the Scrapper Tool) over the entire design to affix it to the intended surface
  8. Peel away the transfer paper

As the transfer paper is peeled away, the vinyl design will stay in place.






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